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Insurance against all risks assembly (EAR) and third party liability

The program covers any unexpected and sudden physical loss or damage from any cause and liability to third parties during installation of the project.
Typical Coverage:
  • Earthquake
  • Fire
  • Risks weather-water-landslide
  • Strikes, riots, civil commotion, acts of terrorism
  • Cross liability (cross liability)
  • Extended maintenance
  • For the construction schedule and / or assembly (deviation 4 weeks)
  • Guarantee for construction in earthquake areas.
  • Special condition 72 hours.
  • Coverage of trial operation of plant and equipment (4 weeks).
  • Manufacturer Risk Coverage.
  • Fire Protection Measures (Max value storage unit € 150.000)
  • Warranty for warehouses (compensation limit per loss event for € 250.000 worksite camps or on each individual storage unit).
  • Underground piping & wiring
  • Open trenches during pipe fitting, pipes and cables (Maximum length of open trench to 150 meters, on all fronts of the project at a time).
  • Security measures for flooding and water flooding.
  • Bodily injury to third
  • Property damage to third


Easy & Simple

The procedures in S.I.S. are very easy and simple and the customer does not needs to complete complex applications or forms.
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Full coverage

Full coverage in every phase of your investment:
  • transfer
  • construction
  • installation
  • fitting
  • placement
  • maintenance
  • function


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